Spend less time tracking paper and more time delivering excellent care.

Reduce the manual work that consumes your day-to-day so you can focus on providing exceptional services. Thread’s ABA data collection tool enables your clinical teams to care for clients, manage programs, and complete data collection and ABA graphing in a snap -- all in one place.

Provide staff with the tools they need to succeed and grow with your ABA center.

Help your direct care teams meet the demands of on-the-go client care with an easy-to-use mobile solution that makes their job easier. Quickly view client data sheets to complete online or offline data collection, take interval, percent correct, duration, task analysis, graph, and report data in real-time to provide clients with superior clinical care.

Get up and running with your ABA data software in an hour.

Thread’s easy-to-learn, intuitive application is designed to help ABA practices and clinical teams get up and running in as little as an hour, so they can focus on what matters most -- driving practice success and delivering top quality care.

Accelerate client progress with real-time insight.

Save countless hours with electronic ABA data collection and real-time insight. Manage decision-making protocols and adapt clinical programs to support clients in reaching targeted potential faster.

Quickly get alerted to client changes that need your attention.

Support your clients the best way you can with instant notifications that track goal status, goal mastery, and ABA graph changes that need your attention. Keep parents and caregivers in-the-know with up to date Session Notes and Progress Reports that auto-populate narratives and can be downloaded in one click -- yes, it's that easy!

Deliver superior outcomes with CR Elements - a fully digital, evidence-based curriculum.

Save time, maximize quality learning opportunities, and simplify clinical program development with turnkey, BCBA-ready ABA curricula. Increase treatment consistency across direct care teams with a digital curriculum that covers 8 domains of human behavior, includes 138 programs and 3000+ steps, and focuses on building blocks and core element skills -- ideal for initial ABA therapy intervention.

Enhance special education ABA care.

Whether you have BCBAs and RBTs on staff, or teachers collecting data, Thread provides the right tools for in-school ABA data collection and reporting.

With solutions for both individual and group sessions, schools can simplify delivery of services, meet compliance regulations, and provide students with quality autism care.

Report and maintain student activity records in one place.

Thread enables teams to remain prepared for IEP meetings and progress reports with editable Smart Progress Reports that auto-generate ABA graphs and narratives that can be downloaded in one click, all from one central location.

Easy for teachers and staff.

Eliminate hours wasted training new hires. Teachers and staff can get up and running quickly with Thread’s easy-to-use, easy-to-learn application.

Supported Data Types
Discrete Trials
Task Analysis
ABC Data
Supported Workflows
Phase Changes
Progress Reports
Smart Notifications
Session Notes
Errorless Teaching
Group Sessions
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David Bicard

"Starting a new data collection system is daunting and scary… Thread is quick and easy."

David Bicard, Therapy Owner, Great Leaps
Jennifer Moschella

"This platform is incredible and so intuitive! I can't wait to start using it."

Jennifer Moschella, Therapy Owner, Gotham Children