An alternative
electronic data collection to DataFinch Catalyst

Thread is a great alternative to DataFinch Catalyst. While both are excellent data collection platforms, at Thread Learning our goal is to deliver the most intuitive data collection application on the market. We want you to spend your time maximizing learning outcomes, not learning technology. With that in mind, let’s compare features!

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How easy is it to get started?

What good is data collection if it's hard to collect data? At Thread, we turned that question into our mission and created a powerful data collection platform that's easy to use for everyone, including clinical directors, BCBAs, teachers, teacher's assistants, aides, and parents. If you find yourself with questions, simply connect with our customer care team via live chat.

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How long does training take?

Video demos

In-App tutorial

Stars on the App Store

Import your curriculum

Dedicated In-App Chat Support


1 hour




1 week


How flexible is the platform?

Every student or client is different. We know that providing quality care to your students or clients is your specialty, not ours, so we built a flexible platform to integrate into YOUR curriculum, business, or school. Our team will learn about your needs and build those features into our product roadmap.

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Features are customized for my organization

I decide what target to present

Drag & drop to set up your session

Run multiple program data types simultaneously

Collect data on multiple students in the same session

All users can view charts immediately even offline

Easily export all client data



How powerful is it?

Thread is built on the most advanced and secure cloud technologies. Whether you have one student or 1000, Thread will scale with your business. Our platform is built to accommodate your entire care coordination team, including parents. The more you leverage our application, the more powerful it becomes.

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No more direct session notes - Automatically creates session note for you! 🤩

Discrete Trial, Task Analysis, Frequency,
Duration, ABC Data

Graphs look like paper and show all
targets in sequence

Only Per Target Graphs

Generate progress reports for parents
and insurance

Customizable triggers when a program
needs clinical attention

Full Billing & Practice Management Suite


Coming soon!


Keep your client's information safe

Thread makes sure you never lose data. We have features that allow users to recover deleted data and we back up your data to a HIPAA compliant server.

This information is current as of March 2019