Cornell University tells story of modernized tools for autism care by Thread Learning, Inc.

How Thread Learning is Modernizing the Complex World of Autism Care is a story recently published by Cornell University; excerpt below.

One in 59 children in the United States is born on the autism spectrum, which is a 424 percent increase from autism rates in 2001. Given this rapid increase in autism diagnoses and the length of school and training for autism caregivers, it’s not surprising that there is a catastrophic shortage of therapists and educators to help these kids learn and thrive. Every hour of a therapist’s day is needed to treat children, do treatment analysis, and communicate with parents. Instead, much of their day is spent on paperwork.

Thread Learning aims to radically improve that process.

Two years ago, Greg Brill, Johnson Cornell Tech MBA ’16, and Sam Raudabaugh, Master in Computer Science ’16, won a $100,000 investment from Cornell Tech to create an electronic health record for the therapists and other caretakers working with children with autism. Read more from Cornell University…